Monday, October 12, 2015

After a small Break

We took the summer off, but now she's back and dating again. I really do need to update this more regularly, Does anyone even read these though?

in the last two weeks she's met and made out with 3 new guys, in fact she's with #3 right now and the potential to go all the way is very high right now, She also was going to Meet someone tomorrow morning but sadly scheduling won't work. i have this new fascination with her being a huge slut, and she seems to enjoy acting the part, I'm not sure if she likes shocking me with how slutty she can be or if being a slut is just really fun for her.

Something i really want to do is to be out at a Bar and just give her to a random dude, like the guy on the other side of the bar staring and making eyes at her, i would love to walk up to him and ask "you Like Her?', "You want a BJ from her?" "buy me a drink" then have her take him out to the car for a quickie. I don't think in reality id be able to do this but id really like to and i think she secretly wants me to.

I often wonder whats MY limit? how much of a slut is too much? Another fantasy iv had is her in the center of a gang bang. fucking and sucking every guy in the room. a dozen 2 dozen? i leave this up to her. i think the ideal test would be one of these sex/swinger resorts. i would have to be totally at ease so should be able to let go and enjoy she always worries about me and i really just want her to let go and have some fun


  1. Be careful of what you wish for as it very well might happen.. Having a wife who is a slut is a total turn on for many of us

  2. my husband likes to watch me give a blow job