Monday, October 12, 2015

After a small Break

We took the summer off, but now she's back and dating again. I really do need to update this more regularly, Does anyone even read these though?

in the last two weeks she's met and made out with 3 new guys, in fact she's with #3 right now and the potential to go all the way is very high right now, She also was going to Meet someone tomorrow morning but sadly scheduling won't work. i have this new fascination with her being a huge slut, and she seems to enjoy acting the part, I'm not sure if she likes shocking me with how slutty she can be or if being a slut is just really fun for her.

Something i really want to do is to be out at a Bar and just give her to a random dude, like the guy on the other side of the bar staring and making eyes at her, i would love to walk up to him and ask "you Like Her?', "You want a BJ from her?" "buy me a drink" then have her take him out to the car for a quickie. I don't think in reality id be able to do this but id really like to and i think she secretly wants me to.

I often wonder whats MY limit? how much of a slut is too much? Another fantasy iv had is her in the center of a gang bang. fucking and sucking every guy in the room. a dozen 2 dozen? i leave this up to her. i think the ideal test would be one of these sex/swinger resorts. i would have to be totally at ease so should be able to let go and enjoy she always worries about me and i really just want her to let go and have some fun

Seducing an Old friend

Things have been progressing Much slower this time around, which i suppose is a good thing, past experiences have taught us that things can become overwhelming very easily.
She's met a few new guys, Slept with two so far, one did not work out and she will not be seeing him again, long story short he lied about his relationship status, his "ex" But not really, got suspicious and called my wife's phone wondering what was going on. My wife stance has always been honesty if your married and cheating its fine with her as long as she knows, she likes to be prepared for the potential suspicious wife/girlfriend. the second is promising they had a little lunch date to get to know each other then met once after that very briefly. And i believe they are meeting again with in the next few days.

The real excitement came a few nights ago, She has this Friend who she had asked if she could do him, after some talking about potential issues (him being a friend before hand at all) I agreed. a few months ago she had told him she wanted to suck him off, he was interested but wary being he knows me and nothing about our arrangement. She never did get the opportunity, the other night he stopped by the house to pick something up, (as usual I'm out of town). She had told him "You owe me a kiss for being an ass the other day" (there had been a misunderstanding between the 3 of us about meeting for drinks when i was in town) he leaned down and pecked her on the lips, "No, No , No that won't do" So he leaned down and really kissed her. They went to sit on the couch and she reaches over and starts stroking his cock through his pants, he laughs nervously and she says "Dude you owe me" She unbuttoned her shirt and got down between his legs, she started blowing on his cock through his pants until he unbuttoned them, She licked and sucked and teased for awhile, then handed him her phone took off her pants sat down and threw her legs across his lap, he fingered her for a bit then she said "Now you need to fuck me" he laughed nervously again, she told him i knew about it and that he had to take a few photos for me and fuck her. so he nervously took down his pants and crawled between her legs and Fucked My Hotwife! This was also her first Bareback which turns out to be way hotter than i expected. She was so hot after this wishing i was there to reclaim her. but i couldn't be there, she has another FB thats been dying to get at her lately and i told her to go ahead and set something up, She was gonna get fucked twice by two different guys under 2 hours, But i fucked up! i started feeling a little jealous about how she had seduced her friend, i tried to tell her how i was feeling but i did a lousy job of conveying those feelings, the whole thing was very hot but i got up in my own head and... i fucked up. it didn't turn into a fight but it took an emotional turn and she never did go to meet guy number two. on the bright side i feel like the emotional conversation was very beneficial to me any way. everything happens for a reason and that conversation needed to happen.

Monday, June 1, 2015


Iv said before, This Hotwife lifestyle is constantly changing and evolving. Originally we were both closely involved in choosing her dates, we ... actually, I had a list of rules and lines i didn't want crossed. Looking back it was most likely a strange level of denial, i didnt want to admit how much this was exciting me, i was afraid that by giving her too much freedom she'd end up replacing me, And i was ashamed to admit what i really wanted. so by setting these rules i had a level of control over how far anything went and i wouldn't have to show all my cards. I want her to be my Little Slut, i want her to Crave sex, to need sex, i would love to see her become a Nymphomaniac with little to no Restraint.

I may Be her Daddy, But i let my little slut run free for the most part, She is free to do whomever, whenever she wants as long as she tells me what she's up to. Just yesterday she was teasing one of her Boys through Chat and had gotten herself all worked up. She took video of herself taking care of it and asked if she should send it to some of her other boys. this usually creates a feeding frenzy of chat messages, What i didn't realize was she had sent it to one of our friends, She likes to tease him while we'r out for drinks and watch him squirm uncomfortably. I had an idea that she was interested in him on a sexual level but he was always so proper with her (he doesn't ... Didn't know about our Lifestyle)  That i assumed she probably would never pursue him. well the video was well received I'm sure his head was spinning and they plan on hooking up soon. 2 things really excited me about this particular exchange, 1st i know she was probably very hesitant and worried about my reaction seeing as he's a mutual friend, i am extremely impressed that she took the chance and let her slutty side show, i am also very glad that she's understanding my wishes and position so well, i know these types of requests are hard to accept and sometimes sound too good to be true, and most often we are hesitant to believe the validity of the request, so it really fills me with joy knowing she believes and trusts me enough to take me for my word. and 2nd she went for the friend, i can only imagine what her next brazen slutty move might be, any more friends in the list, what will she do to surprise me Next?

She is taking to being a Hotwife very well and seems to be enjoying herself immensely, Since we'v started back up she's only been able to sleep with one of the men from our previous go around she has however met 3 others one of which scored a hand job and a couple kisses in the parking lot. and one whom although they haven't fucked will probably end up being a regular boy toy. he's already proving to be a bit of a sub and i think she likes dominating him.

well until next time
drop me comment if you have any advice, questions, or requests

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Hotwife is Back

Finally had THE conversation, I told my wife i want her to get back out there, I get a real thrill out of sharing her, i love hearing her stories when she returns from a date. i love getting the pics and videos during her dates. i enjoy the Strange Uneasy yet exciting rush i get when she shares screen caps of the conversations she has with her "Dates".
 I have a history of getting carried away and pushing things to more of an extreme. For example at one point we had about 5 or 6 guys we were talking to (i mentioned in an earlier post how we had this approval system) and we started talking about lining up a few dates in a row, rent a room for the day and schedule guys to visit one after the other. the idea started to work its way into my brain and i started turning it into some sort of train, and as i got more excited about the possibility i started wanting to add guys to the roster, as the idea grew and my excitement grew i wanted to make it a gang bang. i can still see the imaginary image i conjured up. My beautiful wife Laying Naked used and well fucked, her hair a mess, her huge bosom heaving as she tries to catch her breath from the dozen or so cocks she's just taken, so hot!! And her personality is one not to be outdone so as my fantasies and suggestions get more extreme she would try to top them. And there we were talking about getting her 25 different lovers to play with and once established i would set up a "Party" where she would be blindfolded and i would bring these guys in one by one. her never seeing who was who or how many where really there. very often we would discover we crossed a personal line about a mile or so back and then wed have to reel ourselves in.

i really want to avoid setting too many limits, the idea of her becoming a huge Slut is a real turn on for me. I really want her to just go and explore her sexuality in excess. I want her to find and push her own limits. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

It's been awhile. We hit a bit of speed bump, we were going along very well, she had 3 or 4 regular lovers, I was enjoying it much more than I expected, I still don't understand why and would love to know this side of myself better. She gave me permission to play, and we quickly discovered she does not like sharing me as much as I like sharing her. 
We put a stop to everything, I think experiencing my side of things opened her eyes to the fears and anxiety that comes with sending your spouse off to Fuck another, but she didn't not get to experience the excitement and fun that can accompany giving your wife to another and watching her enjoy herself with another lover. 
It's almost a year later and I'm missing it. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this. I want to ask her to take a lover or lovers, but I need to reassure her that I don't need to play. I want her to know going into this it will be one sided. I enjoyed my Baby girl being a slut, I want her to explore her inner slut. I want her to impress me with how slutty she can be  and I already know she can be very very slutty. I've noticed most wife sharing seems to put the husband in a cuckold role. I'm not a cuckold, I just really like to see my wife in ecstasy. This scenario has the potential to work nicely as she has a desire to be dominated. As much as I've  tried I have not been a very effective Dom but i think in this role having some control over her extramarital activities may give me the dominant stance I need. I'm just not entirely sure if this is quite what she may have had in mind. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Deeper into the Hotwife Rabbit hole

Things are always changing, is our relationship changing or is my attitude and comfort level changing, a few months ago when we first started this i struggled, it was a challenge to keep my jealousy in check, i was trying to control a lot of what happened, who she met when she met what was allowed when they met, i had fears, )Fear Vs. Jealousy), But i started to look deep within myself something about this turned me on, something about this felt right (Looking Within Part 1)(Looking Within Part 2), current tally, she has met and fucked 5 different men for a total of 8 times. Right around gentlemen number 4 or 5, i started to realize i need to be prepared, i need to be a realist. 
All of the following are possible scenarios that played out in my head some worst case, some just the natural progression of things, when i brought these thoughts and possibilities up she reasurred me that she would never do anything to jeapordize us, she would follow whatever rules we set (she is extremely greatful for this opportunity, there arent many husbands that would willingly allow this type of adventure and she knows that)  
She's alone lot (correction we are both alone separately a lot) she is an amazing outgoing lively woman, she's the type that can make a best friend in the ladies room, she needs to be out but hates going  out alone. When she started chatting with her potential dates some men talk about taking her out to dinner, or away for the weekend. I started to notice im going to have to be ok with her going out on actual dates, which is actually good she needs to be out she deserves to be out, but what about potential overnight stays? a couple of the men she was chatting with invited her to weekend getaways and while she declined (she hadnt even met them yet), but as time goes on after she has seen him a few times the opportunity for a weekend getaway will come up, originally i had said no repeats, and no overnights. My insecurities had me believing she'd meet someone better, and leave me and id have no one to blame but myself. but as we progressed deeper into this lifestyle, i started to realize im away too much whats to stop her from doing these things without my permission? she's honest and faithful i dont really think she'd ever do that but... what happens when shes finally had enough, enough being alone, enough nights with no intimacy or sex, enough of her basic needs not being met because i cant be there. We have a very special and very strong relationship, it took a lot for me to recognize how true this was. when i mentioned the possibility of overnights and that id be ok, she tried to assure that wouldnt be necessary, they will most likely be drinking, or parting ways late, some of these rendevous are an hour plus drive from home, id rather her spend the night with him than either of them risking an accident or DWI, and this made perfect sense, this option also began morphing she likes to take weekend trips to do some sightseeing or shoppiong and as she started thinking more about the possibilities of a having a man with her all night, she started thinking how much safer she'd feel in a strange town in a strange hotel with a man there. 
now she has her lovers/companions, i also originally had a hang about intimacy between her and her dates at first i told her no kissing, i felt it far to intimate that should be something between two people deeply in love, this rule got tossed very early, we had a very deep conversation about our different views on kissing, it started to become apparent that by forbidding kissing i was stunting her experience, also my beliefs where based on some bull i heard or read when i was a kid. i lifted this rule right before she met her first guy, and i surprised her by asking for video of them kissing when they met a second time. seeing her with another man kissing him, fucking him, his hands all over her is incredibly arousing (i dont really understand it but thats for another post entirely)
once i had ok'd overnights and weekend getaways, i knew the possibility for cuddling was there, i could forbid it but when your fast asleep with another body next you its just instinct to cuddle up. as i explored all these possibilities i noticed that by imposing so many rules and expecting only so much to happen, i was setting myself up for failure, i cant send her off with another man for sex with a list of do's and don'ts, Imagine being given a new sports car but being told you cant go faster than 25mph. How is she supposed to enjoy herself if shes having to make sure she doesnt break a rule, in order to succeed, in order for me to allow her to get the most enjoyment out of this (that's what this is about, HER pleasure) i need to keep my feelings in check, i need to trust her fully, i need to understand that its human nature to Cuddle, Hug, Kiss, and Caress, and honestly whats the point of sex without any of these, without these its just assisted masturbation. 
SO to answer the question i started with, i think our relationship is changing because my attitude has changed, this change has opened up a whole new realm in our Hotwifery, we are no longer searching for NSA, One Night Stands, or flings, we are searching for boyfriends, men that can and will provide companionship, satisfaction and protection, men that understand they are not the only one in her life, men that wont get too clingy or needy. We Are becoming a Poly couple, I am married to a very Polyamorous woman, and any man who has the pleasure of experiencing her is one lucky Motherfucker!